By Dr. Karl Dormesy
Special Advisor & Former President of CCH-FSCAA

Dear Friends,

The CCH-FSCAA takes strides in launching the “Ce Coin de Terre”, the first issue of its newsletter. It is conceived as an essential tool which will channel the multiple facets of its mission. Over the past five years, our brain cells have been in overdrive to generate ideas towards our philanthropic actions in Haiti. Those ideas, once conceived, merged, shaped, can find their blueprint in the newsletter and be spread throughout our readership. The success of the Association depends on how well it communicates with all the members. In the era of the internet, a hard copy is still not a dying entity. Our newsletter will serve as an important linkage between the association, the alumni, the donors, the sponsors and friends throughout many corners of the world. Reading the “Ce Coin de Terre“ will draw us closer to one another. We will find our common voice toward the noble cause of impacting the education and the life of the younger generation.

The board of directors, the executive committee, the different committees intend to use the scope of the newsletter to keep you abreast of the news, activities, projects and achievements of the association. In return, you will find the informative ingredients that can help fostering your input, feedback and active participation for a stronger association. Bridging the gap across boundaries, separate entities and ocean will gather all of us on the same “Ce Coin de Terre.”

The guiding principles of the CCH-FSCAA have been to Educate, Facilitate, Share and Inspire. First to educate, our newsletter will bring you the information up and close at your kitchen table. We can learn from one another while providing opportunities to students for better access to a quality education. It will facilitate communication as a catalyst for change. It will aim at sharing our enormous resources for the benefit of all. Finally, most will be inspired to respond to the call and extend their generous spirit for the welfare and success of the students.

At the dawn of the year 2009, one grapples with the necessity to look back at the previous year before a realistic projection onto the next year. In Haiti, they have endured too many manmade and natural catastrophes. Punctuated with painful struggles, the plight of our brothers and sisters send a permanent S.O.S. We, at CCH-FSCAA, continue to respond. The turn of the current financial crisis affects all of us but your generosity will not fade away. We thank you for your continued support and wish that you find courage and strength to overcome any hurdle that 2009 may bring. The wind of change and hope is blowing in America since November 4, 2008. Let’s look ahead and be optimistic. May your life in 2009 be enriched with good health, lasting peace, abundant success.

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