The CCH-FSCAA (Collège Canado-Haïtien & Frères du Sacré-Cœur Alumni Association, Inc.) is a non-profit organization which strives to accomplish its mission for the benefit of the students, the teachers, the Canado-Haitian College, and the Brothers of Sacred Heart schools.3ca809b0c44799745a3a136a6306991d

To that end, it will:

  • Organize the alumni for the promotion and the welfare of the schools and actively support projects towards these goals.
  • Foster and deepen the bond of fellowship among the alumni, teachers, and students of the schools.
  • Promote excellence in education and sponsor a wide range of activities for the academic and professional development of the students and teachers.
  • Provide scholarships to students and awards to teachers at these institutions in order to stimulate intellectual development.
  • Provide educational materials for the enhancement of the structure and the environment of the schools.
  • Create, manage and control funds to be used for such projects connected with the schools.